Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fishing Adventure Of Life Time

Immortalized in the stories of Jim Corbett and Rudyard Kipling, huge dark shadows of a great fighter have lurked, in the deep waters of the mighty rivers of the Indian subcontinents. The Mahseer, found only in Indian subcontinent, is the toughest fresh water fighting fish in the world. Weighing over a hundred pounds, four varieties inhabit the Indian river waters: the Golden Mahseer, the Silver Mahseer, the Silver Grey Mahseer and the Black Mahseer.

We Rogue Anglers Company specialise in fishing holidays, breaks and outfitting  in the Indian Himalayas in search of big Golden Mahseer, with options to fish for Goonch Catfish and Trout. We  have selected locations that still hold huge fish in unspoilt surroundings, Mahseer angling in the Himalayas requires fast water and a good eye for spotting big fish in the rapids and pools that you find in India and many anglers who travel the world in search of big fish say the Mahseer is the true king of them all, its power having no rivals.
Our whole team  are keen anglers and lovers of wildlife and nature, feeling most at home in the outdoors. We've spent many hours ANGLING in the majestic Himalayas. Our Guides are local residents of the area and possess knowledge about their surroundings which has been handed down to them by their forefathers. This gives us the unique advantage of knowing exactly what to look for and where to look. The stories they have to tell make for some great entertainment and learning by the campfire You fish remote and exclusive waters accessible only by GUIDES AND HELPERS. Our aim is to leave you speechless as you cradle a huge Mahseer, Catfish or Trout in your arms – all truly amazing sights that have to experienced to be believed.
The destinations we offer in our tours are carefully checked & researched and are in close proximity of the Water and the serenity of nature . our team will ensure that your stay & trip with us should of the highest standard in terms of angling & services.
We assure you that there is no international angling experience as exciting, inspiring or adventurous as an expedition into the Himalayan range.  Fishing in India is an adventure every travelling fisherman should experience at least once in their lives.  The unmatched natural beauty, pristine and varied rivers, colorful culture and friendly inhabitants add to what truly is the fishing adventure of a lifetime.The first run of a Mahseer will be a memory that stays with you forever, so grab the rods and join us for your trip of a lifetime.

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